Your watch is more than just a piece where you keep track of your time. It can be a statement of your personality, a shining symbol of your achievements, or even a symbol of someone’s affection for you. Whatever it symbolizes, it is indeed something that definitely needs care and love.

Stainless steel watches are the most popular type of watch on the market recently. The good thing about this type of watch is that it can be worn with anything, from casual to formal outfits.

While this is something that might be work day-in or day-out, it needs maintenance so they would still look dingy. And while we would always recommend regular professional servicing, cleaning your stainless steel watch at home isn’t that complicated.

Below, we discuss how to clean your stainless steel watch.


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Why Does Stainless Steel Require Special Care?

A stainless-steel watch can begin to dull as time passes. Since the watch touches our skin directly, it might be damaged or dirty from perspiration and/or dust. The slight openings between the links of metal bracelets are also prone to settling dust and dirt and thus can lead to wear or even corrosion. Frequent swimming, saltwater exposure, or even frequent sweating can also possibly cause rust even to water-resistant watches. Thankfully, there are easy steps to clean our stainless steel watches at home with an all-natural yet powerful cleaning solutions.


How to Clean Your Stainless-Steel Watch

1. Wipe it down

It’s always a good idea to start cleaning your watch by wiping down the watch with a soft cloth, paper towel, or chamois leather to remove initial layers of dust or dirt. A microfiber cloth will work best for this but a cotton t-shirt should can work in a pinch although it won’t remove as much dirt as a finer cloth. Make sure as well that the watch is dry before proceeding as sheet metal may scratch lightly.


2. Soak the watch in warm soapy water

It’s important to note here that what we mean here is lukewarm water and not too hot as it can damage your watch.

To clean your watch, fill a sink basin or clean bowl halfway with lukewarm water then soak your watch briefly and gently wipe it with a thick absorbent cloth. Add a couple pumps of our restoring foam as it's effective in removing oils and debris from stainless steel and precious metal watches, otherwise a corrosive free, ammonia free liquid soup will also work. Take note as well that if your watch is not water-resistant, merely immerse only the strap in the water.

The Watch Care Company's Restoring Foam

3. Gently scrub the stainless-steel bracelet

You can use a damp, soft bristle brush to get into all the crevices and remove any grime accumulated from sweat or dirt. However, be extra careful of how much pressure you apply or else you might scratch or damage it. Although, stainless steel is very strong its more susceptible to scratches than you think!

The Watch Care Company's Brush Set

4. Rinse with warm water

Rinsing a stainless steel watch with warm water

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Make sure that there is no soap residue left by bringing the bracelet in warm water, running under the skin, or brushing the steel with a clean toothbrush. Soap can dull the surface and can cause it to tarnish. A proper rinse will ensure that the polished shine of your watch.

5. Dry with a soft cloth

Pat the watch dry with a soft, drying cloth or clean towel. You can also use an electric hairdryer on a low setting to quickly dry and remove excess water. Wearing your watch right after cleaning and rinsing, may lead to the moisture may be absorbed into the watch’s fibers and little nooks.

The Watch Care Company's Microfiber Drying Cloth

6. Make your watch sparkle and shine

Watch cases, bracelets and brands can look a little dull as time passes and it would be best to add a little glitz and glam. Try our Crystal Restore Spray on a soft cloth in a small amount the wipe down in circular motion on the watch face, case, and bracelet to refresh its shimmer alternatively a non commercial glass cleaner will provide a similar effect for the crystal. Make sure to wipe it down with another dry microfiber cloth or paper towel when finished.

The Watch Care Company's Watch Face/Crystal Restore Spray


How often should you clean your stainless-steel watch?

Little did we know, your watch is a delicate piece, and wearing it often requires some care in return. Below is a photo of a watch that has its band stretched over time due to zero care and maintenance done by the owner.

Evident Band Stretch Due to Uncleaned and Unmaintained Watch

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A monthly deep clean is necessary for the health of your watch and if you're wearing it every day, it’s best that you wipe it down daily after using it.

Every once in a while, it is also advised that you have your watch professionally serviced and cleaned.



Keeping your watch at its best might be tough but with the right care, you can maintain a glimmering shine that will last even when you wear it day-in and day out. After all, your watch is a representation of yourself and you would always want to be represented with the best.

Also, these simple maintenance tips will not only preserve the beauty of your watch but will help your watch last longer. These steps might be a little hassle at first glimpse but when we get to do it often it will be easier. And surely, you would love your watch every after cleansing.

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