Product details

Formulated Better

We have harnessed key natural ingredients that break down and soften dirt and grime in seconds, plus neutralise bacteria and germs all the while leaving your precious metal, steel or watch glistening without soapy residue or irritation to your skin. (You can put the toothpaste or dish soup away now.

Foaming Action

Works into tight areas more effectively and allows for the precision of where you want to clean, perfect for watches with leather bands or watches that aren’t waterproof. 1 year+ Worth of Shine3-4 Pumps is all you need per watch clean. Each 100 ml bottle of Restoring Foam will last you more than 40 deep cleans.

Like Clockwork

We want to make sure that every order goes as smooth as the movements in your favourite watch. That's why we back every order with a 100% no hassle 30-day guarantee if our watch care kit isn't entirely right for you. We don't want you paying for it, even if you have used it!