Traveling can be a thrilling adventure, but for watch enthusiasts, it presents a unique challenge - how to safely transport their prized timepieces. Whether you're a seasoned globetrotter or planning your first big trip, ensuring the safety of your watches is paramount. From the boardroom to the beach, the right watch can complete your outfit and make a statement. However, watches are delicate, precision-crafted devices that need special care, especially when on the move.

This guide offers eight essential strategies to help you protect your watches while traveling, ensuring they arrive at your destination in perfect condition.


1. Bring a Piece for Many Occasions
Man wearing a luxury watch while travelling

Double check your itinerary before you travel. Different activities need different timepieces that will fit. If you have no idea of your activities, at least bring watches for day to day activities, rugged outdoor activities and classy events. You might bring with you your dress watch, diving watch, sports watch or a statement watch to attract attention. Always remember to wear the right match for an occasion.

2. Use a GMT Piece


A GMT watch is commonly known as a watch with a second time zone. With a GMT Piece, you can quickly adapt to new time zones. It is ideal for travelers as this allows you to keep track on time in different zones simultaneously. This will indeed make your travel experience easier.


3. Don’t Bring Your Whole Collection

A range of watch collection

We get it. We understand the desire to carry all your precious timepieces when you travel. After all, each watch represents a distinct style and memory.

However, it's wiser to limit your selection to around two to five pieces that cater to different occasions. Carrying your entire collection not only adds unnecessary weight to your luggage but also increases the risk of damage or theft.

Besides, realistically, you're unlikely to wear them all during your trip. So, when it comes to traveling with your watch collection, it's essential to exercise discretion and selectivity.


4. Purchase a Watch Roll or Watch Case

The Watch Care Company's Handmade Saffiano Leather Watch Roll The Watch Care Company's Multi-layered Protective Case

Transporting your timepieces without appropriate protection could expose them to potential damage. While using your original watch boxes may seem like the obvious choice, they might be too bulky for travel, or perhaps, you no longer have them. Instead of simply tossing your watches into your luggage, investing in a watch roll or watch case can be a game-changer.

A watch roll or watch case is designed to keep your watches secure, compact, and organized during transit. Not only does it prevent scratches and other damages, but it also allows for easy access to your collection. This means you can effortlessly switch between your watches to suit your outfit or occasion.

Experience the satisfaction of unrolling your neatly packed timepieces and the convenience of packing them back up after use. Remember, the right storage solution can enhance the longevity of your watches and make your travel experience smoother and more enjoyable.


5. Utilise Hotel Safes

Man opening up a watch hotel safe

Your watch can be worth a lot and you wouldn’t want it to be stolen. The best way to keep your luxury watch safe is putting them in a safe. Most hotels have one and if they don’t you can have your watch locked up somewhere only you or your trusted ones can access.


6. Consider an insurance policy
man getting a watch insurance policy

Just like any other property, watches can have insurance as well. You can get travel insurance which covers a wide range of possible issues including theft. This insurance coverage can pay as well for your repair or replacement if your watch is damaged. This can be useful however these often have limits on their coverage making it somehow insufficient for owners.

You can also get jewelry insurance which is a better option for expensive pieces. It might seem a luxury but it’s useful especially when you own a piece that is worth a handsome sum.

7. Clean Your Watches Before Long Trips
Cleaning a watch using The Watch Care Company's Watch Care Kit

Before setting off on your journey, it's imperative to give your watches a thorough clean. This step is vital regardless of whether your watch has a metal bracelet, rubber strap, or a leather band. Over time, sweat and grime can accumulate on your watch, potentially causing damage and wear to its components.

If you have a watch with a metal bracelet, use a soft brush and mild, soapy cleaning solution to gently scrub away any dirt or oils. Ensure you rinse it thoroughly and dry it properly to avoid any water damage.

The Watch Care Company's Watch Care Kit

For watches with rubber straps, a simple wipe down with a damp cloth should suffice. If the strap is heavily soiled, you can use mild soapy solution with our watch restoring foam, but make sure to rinse and dry it well.

The Watch Care Company's Restoring Foam

Leather straps need special care. Avoid using water as it can damage the leather. Instead, use a dry cloth to wipe away any surface dirt. If your leather strap has developed an odor, gently wipe it with a cloth dampened with an anti-bacterial leather conditioner, then allow it to air dry. To condition the leather and prevent it from drying out, consider using a small amount of leather conditioner.

The Watch Care Company's Leather Strap Conditioner

Cleaning your watches before you leave not only ensures they look their best, but it also prevents the build-up of grime and sweat while you're away, minimizing the risk of damage. Remember, you'll be focused on enjoying your trip, so it's best to take care of this task before you depart.

8. Keep Your Watches Close

The Watch Care Company's Multi-layered watch case as a reliable travel buddy

When it comes to transporting your watches, it's always advisable to keep them within arm's reach. If you're traveling with just one timepiece, wear it to keep it safe. However, if you're carrying multiple watches, store them in your carry-on bag. This is where the practicality of a watch roll or travel case comes into play.

The Watch Care Company's Handmade Saffiano Leather Watch Roll

Having your watches in your carry-on ensures they remain with you throughout your journey, providing an added layer of security. This strategy significantly reduces the risk of loss or damage that could occur if your checked luggage is mishandled or misplaced - a scenario that is unfortunately not uncommon in travel.

Always remember, your watches are valuable and deserve the same care and attention as other valuable belongings while on the move.


Final Thoughts

Safeguarding your cherished timepieces while traveling doesn't have to be a daunting task. With these eight essential strategies, you can ensure your watches stay protected and secure, no matter where your journey takes you.

From selecting the right pieces for various occasions, investing in a quality watch roll or durable travel case, using hotel safes, and even considering insurance, every tip contributes to a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience.

Remember, your watches are not just functional accessories but valuable assets that deserve your care. As you embark on your next adventure, may these tips empower you to travel with your timepieces confidently, knowing they're well-protected and ready to accompany you on every memorable moment.

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