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Watches look like new again! I bought the watch care kit and 2 travel cases. The kit has everything you need to safely deep clean your watch. I was pretty surprised how much dirt and gunk was left on the cloth after the first clean. The crystal spray is very handy, I use most days to give my watch a quick spruce up. The shock proof is lightweight and well designed. Keep it up!

Connor Wilson

The Watch Care Company make the best designed watch cases I have come across. Fits my Rolex’s and IWC securely without them moving around. I already have a watch roll however, this is much lighter and more secure alternative for traveling. I ride a bike most days regardless of the weather, having the waterproof zipper not only keeps out water but also any dirt or dust that have been dragged into my bag. The foam insert also helps dry out moisture from my leather bands after a day’s wear. Easily worth the investment, for the added peace of mind.

Stewart Dawkings

My two watches look like new and only took 10 minutes. I didn’t realise how dull they looked until using the kit, the restoring foam especially cleaned the gunk and dirt in between links and around the lugs. Much quicker and cheaper that a trip to the jeweller or watch shop (Rolex quoted me $500 for a clean). Highly recommend!

Billy Melgar

The Watch Care Kit

The ultimate watch cleaning kit every watch enthusiast should own.

This kit includes everything you need to effectively deep clean your watch safely at home, leaving your watch shining and ‘camera’ ready. All 100% Natural Plant-based and Australian-made cleaning solutions.

Watch Cleaning Kit includes:

- Restoring Foam (100 ml)
- Crystal Restore Spray (80 ml)
- Fine Horsehair Brush
- Fine nylon 'pick' Brush.
- Drying Microfibre Cloth
- Ultra-Fine Polishing Microfibre


Leather Band Care Kit

Designed for watch bands, TLC penetrates deep to protect your new watch band from or rejuvenate dry or old straps. Our unique formula also contains bacteria-killing properties that will stop your watch band from smelling like a gym sock! It also reduces moisture build-up, which can cause your strap to crack or break more rapidly. The result? A longer lasting strap that you'll love wearing!


Watch Spruce Up Kit

From dull to 'camera ready' in 5 seconds flat! Our spruce kit has been designed to get your watch looking sharp when you are on the go.

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